High School:

The high school students have two classrooms of their own. They are used for IITV purposes. When they are not on a class, they are in one of the main classrooms where they are supervised.

On the ITV system, the students are taught mostly by Hutterian teachers from other communities in Manitoba from as far away as Dominion City, Wawanesa and beyond.

Students are offered a variety of courses each year which meet the Manitoba standards. New courses are always added as more and more teachers offer their services to the system. The follow are a few courses offered at different levels.

  • Consumer, Applied, and Pre Calculus Math 
  • English Language Arts
  • Various Computer Related Courses
  • Communications and Health
  • Science and Biology
  • Horticulture
  • Drafting (Beginner to Intermediate CAD)
  • Family Studies
  • Canadian History and Hutterite History
  • German Grade 9-12
  • Social Studies and Geography

The students are monitored by a camera at each location which can be controlled by the teacher of that particular class. These cameras also permit students to see each other during class and become a vital aid during presentations, discussions, ect. These cameras can be fully controlled by the teacher.

A typical classroom would consist of a larger camera used to show larger portions of the classroom and board, a document camera used to show documents, and a vcr used to show videos on various topics as needed. Computers can also be attached to this system and allows students to see the teachers’ computer desktop. This becomes necessary during all computer courses.

High school courses are very demanding on students because most students have responsibilities outside of school. This creates a struggle between work and school but is an excellent time to learn priorities and responsibility - both which valuable skills. This is especially true for grade 11 and 12 students. In spring, more field work are required and this causes potential delays in course work. Our ITV system is setup so that all classes are taped and automatically stored on a server. These classes can be downloaded by the students at all times. If a student misses a class, they can download and watch it at a convenient time – even in the evenings or at home. To try to address the shortcomings of distant education, field trips become frequent and students are immersed into one subject for an entire day or afternoon. This provides excellent hands on experience and provides face to face contact with peers and teachers. The photo on the right shows a science gathering in which students from all over manitoba come and do various science activities with the teachers.

Technology is incorporated into every facet of school including high school.  Students are taught computer applications, publishing, graphic design/manipulation, and programming  courses.