About Us:

Wingham HB School is a Kindergarten to grade 12 school located on Wingham Colony which is located approximately four miles north of Elm Creek. We are a funded independent school which means we still follow all Manitoba curriculum guidelines and subjects.

The school is a large building with many classrooms, a library, an art room and a gymnasium. We currently use two classrooms full time; the kindergarten to grade two and the grade four to eight. We have two Hutterian teachers teaching fulltime from K – 8. Having Hutterian teachers in the classroom helps us communicate better with our students. We have the knowledge to better understand the cultural context and we can maximize the utilization of the Hutterian culture within the classroom which increases students learning, interest and comprehension.

Students take all required the English courses as well as High German. Our high school students are taught via IITV and everyone is strongly encouraged to graduate. Since we are in a rural area we have to rely on distant education for our high school medium. More information can be found on our high school page in this site.

Another room that is well used by both students and teachers alike is the curriculum/copy room. It doubles as a photocopy/printer room. Students usually go to retrieve their printed material. The picture on the right shows some of the curriculum material we use and is sorted and coloured by subject and grade.

We want to maximize learning opportunities for each student because the highly technological world is becoming more sophisticated everyday and our students need to be prepared to function in the modern Hutterian and larger society and further develop good Christian charactor in our students.

We use a lot of technology in the classroom and try to have a 1:1 computer to student ratio. We also purchased a smartboard for the grade 3-8 classroom and this purchase has revolutionized the way we teach. The smartboard comes with sound, projector and is touch sensitive. There are many neat activities which can be incorporated into lessons available online. Many can be found on www.smarttech.com.

We also have one room for a library. We have spent large amounts of money on initially purchasing many books to read but constant updates are required. It's also a lot of work to make sure books are kept neat and organized and it is the responsibility or one student to do so each week. This job like all other chores is on a rotation and each student will take his/her turn doing this. The picture shows the main library. The K-2 students have their own small mini library in their own classroom so they don't have to leave the room to get new books. Our K-6 students also follow a scholastic non-fiction guided reading program and this has worked to ensure that the love of reading is rooted into the students. We are currently using excellent sofware to maintain our library records.

We are often asked how the school is cleaned and maintained. The school gets a thorough cleaning every weekend and the students also have chores that are done every day. Basic chores like sweeping, cleaning boards, maintaining the library shelves and other general chores are done on a rotational basis and each student has a chore each day. On Friday, we spend more time cleaning.

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